When it is best not to put the meta description ?

Posted on Dec 29 2013 - 4:45pm by Rahul Thial

Below video is about the detail that when it is best not to put the meta description : Matt Cutts, the head of the anti-spam team at Google, posted a video today which provides a useful suggestion SEO with regard to the meta description . Matt said that it is better to have unique meta description on its website, which is already known to those who use Google Webmaster Tools (which indicates how the meta description duplicate errors), but also added that it is better not to put the meta description of everything rather than put duplicate.

When it is best not to put the meta description ?

In short, it is better to let Google autonomously generate the snippet to the pages rather than having duplicate meta description.

Matt has also confessed in her blog that does not bother to put the meta description, but it suggests to do it for important pages of your site, such as home page, products with high return on investment, or pages on which – by controlling the motor research – is automatically generated snippet really bad.

Watch the full video above to know the concept in detail.

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