What You Need To Know Before Your First Skiing Trip

Posted on Jun 27 2013 - 2:30pm by Danielle

What You Need To Know Before Your First Skiing Trip

Skiing has long been associated with celebrities and the wealthy elite, but with budget flights becoming more popular, and a wider choice of accommodation available, skiing holidays are now accessible for all. If you’ve never skied before, or have only limited experience, then it can seem a bit daunting. Here are a few tips to ensure your first trip is a success, hopefully motivating you to develop a lifelong love of skiing.


Get the right instructor

Even if you’re going with an experienced group, getting professional instruction is essential when you’re starting out. Yes, your friend can help you learn to ski, but as with driving lessons, it’s better not to learn from someone who has their own bad habits. Your resort may have a beginners package available, or you can choose to go for private ski lessons, which can get you on the slopes a lot quicker, and allows for one on one advice and tuition.

Pay attention to signs

Most slopes will have signs telling you how difficult the terrain is. If you’re with a bunch of experienced skiers, don’t be tempted to try and keep up with them. Go at your own pace, get confident on the beginners slopes, and catch up with them later. Also, remember not to get in the way, and never stop somewhere where you can’t be seen by others.

Get kitted out

Although you may be hiring your skis and other basic equipment, it’s also important to make sure you have the right clothing such for those days away from the slopes. Look at the ski jackets available at Trekwear for warm, waterproof options, and avoid wearing jeans as they can get damp and cold.

Some other items you will probably need to bring include:

  • A thick ski jacket
  • Thin, waterproof jacket for layering
  • Thermal underwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Ski hat

Make a list of what you’ll need, and work out what you can hire, and what you’d prefer to own. Remember that some of the things on your packing list will be worth investing in, as you’ll no doubt use them several times.


Protect yourself

As well as using clothing to protect yourself from the elements, make sure you slap on the sunblock. Many new skiers are surprised at how intense the sun can be, and it’s important to make sure you are well protected. Sunglasses are also essential, and wraparound glasses will stay on much better.

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Stay hydrated

Skiing is an intense physical exercise, and many people don’t realise how thirsty they will get. Avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of water as you go, and keep away from those tempting hot chocolate drinks until you’re finished for the day, as they can make you more thirsty.

Get your lift tickets early

Booking your lift tickets online can often save you money, and if you can ski at off peak times you’ll save even more as well as avoiding the busy times. Keep this in mind when booking your travel and accommodation, and book your lift tickets as soon as your dates are combined.

Enjoy the apres-ski

Once you’re done on the slopes for the day, the social scene begins. Apres-ski is one of the most fun aspects of a skiing holiday, and most resorts have a wide range of bars, restaurants, and other social activities on offer. Most places will have a fairly casual dress code, so you can expect to see people in their apres-ski boots, plus warm winter clothing for those chilly nights.

Your first skiing holiday is always memorable, so make sure you do your research before you go, and enjoy this exciting new experience.

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