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Posted on Aug 24 2013 - 8:02pm by Leslie Young

Virtual private branch extension is the modern way of routing calls to your employees through voice over IP technology. It can be accessed anywhere by installing the app on mobile phones, laptop computers or other portable electronic devices. This phone system is being used by several businesses in conducting transactions through high-end telephone features such as auto-attendant and call recording. The auto attendant feature ensures that all calls are answered in a timely manner while the call recording feature ensures businesses maintain quality customer service. Recordings are checked and analyzed for quality assurance.

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Hosted PBX systems have contributed to improving businesses processes by providing services that are affordable and efficient.

Cost value

Having an inexpensive price tag is one reason why internet phone systems are so popular and why many businesses have availed of a virtual PBX. It is inexpensive compared to what a conventional phone has to offer; your business will not have to pay for installing wires all around your office or paying for maintenance. Aside from this, you do not have to worry about long distance calls and long call durations. Furthermore, this kind of communication system allows you to send files quickly just by using your mobile phone or laptop computer.

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A virtual PBX does not need an external phone to operate. Instead, it just needs your own personal laptop computer or even your iPhone to access its services. Once you subscribe to this service, you will be given a softphone for installation on your device. This also help budget your small business expenditures by not spending too much on new mobile phones.

Brand Strategy

Having a virtual private branch exchange is a good brand strategy that can help your business improve its image to its potential customers. First, it has features that will help you and your clients have a smooth flowing business relationship. The auto attendant is a virtual receptionist that operates 24/7. All incoming calls are greeted by an auto-attendant recording. It provides information on how to reach departments or personnel within the company. It then routes the caller to the employee or department that he or she wishes to talk to. Businesses have the liberty to create branches or phone extensions according to departments such as sales, billing and technical support.

Second, communication is very fast. Virtual PBX service providers like RingCentral support their subscribers with features that reduce wasted time on the phone. An automated telephone system is convenient and user friendly. There are features such as call transfer that allows customer service agents to forwards calls to other departments and personnel. Virtual private branch extension makes it possible for your small business to gain a good brand name from your existing clients because it reduces delays in providing support and assistance.


A good factor about virtual private branch exchange is that you can just use the Internet to access its services. This is beneficial for you when you travel around the country. Many hotels, like Ritz-Carlton Hotel, have established a wireless spot inside their lobbies to help businessmen like you work efficiently.

Your small business cannot get left behind by other businesses that are rapidly growing today. With a virtual private branch exchange, improvement is just around the corner. It helps you, as the small business owner, to become resourceful with your time and money without thinking about installing different communication devices inside your office.

There are a lot of quality hosted PBX service providers available online that can contribute to improving your small business. With a virtual PBX, your small business can save money, promote a good company brand, and create better relationships with your clients.

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