The Risks from Sun Exposure and Protecting Your Skin

Posted on Aug 14 2013 - 11:13pm by Evie Dawson

The risks involved in the excess sun exposure are more severe as against the general perception of the people. Other than causing skin problems, sun exposure can cause some serious damage to your eyes as well.

protecting your skin

Sunburn and age spots

Your skin contains a chemical called melanin which acts as the natural guard against the harmful UV radiations present in the sunlight. Lighter the tone of your skin complexion, lesser would be the amount of melanin in your skin. This is the reason for which people with fair complexion are more vulnerable to sunburn, age spots and freckles caused by the exposure to sun.

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Skin cancer

Exposure to harsh sun is one of the primary reasons for development of skin cancer in a person.  Decrease in the ozone levels has resulted in the higher rate of development of the cancer amongst people and is expected to grow in number in the coming years. Melanoma is one of the deadliest kinds. The risk of development and severity of skin cancer are attributable to the skin complexion and exposure to UV radiation.

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Skin texture impairment

Too much of sun can make your skin hard and leathery. It disturbs the elastic properties of the skin leaving it dull and damaged. Severe and blistering sunburn may cause permanent skin damage. It not only accelerates the skin aging but also leads to appearance of more wrinkles on your face. You even lose an even skin tone and your skin starts feeling rough.

protecting your skin

Sun-safety rules

The UV concentration in sunlight varies with season and location. The sun rays are particularly harsh and intense at the time of the summers. Thus, it is veryimportant for you to be well aware of the sun protection solutions to prevent the skin damages against the chronic sun exposure.

·         Avoid the outdoor leisure activities during the hours of the day when the sun is directly overhead and sun rays are very strong.

·         Limit the body parts being exposed to sunlight by wearing full-sleeve shirts, full pants or long skirts while going out in the sun. Prefer wearing dark color clothing.

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·         Make use of the hats with a longer rim all around to protect the sensitive skin areas such as face, neck and scalp.

protecting your skin

·         Apply liberally and frequently Revitol skin cream for sun protection with a minimum of SPF 30 whenever you step out in the sun. It should be applied at least 20-30 minutes before going out.

protecting your skin

·         UV tanning equipment with the likes of sun beds are not always a safe option for you especially if your skin is more sensitive to sunlight exposure and you have a number of freckles and moles.

·         Extra attention needs to be paid towards sun safety of your kids. It would be best to keep them in shade. Ensure that they wear protective clothing along with a good sunscreen available for kids while they play in the sun.

protecting your skin

These preventive behaviours are you biggest lifeline to protect yourself of the adverse effects of sun exposure.

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