The Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Laptop

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Although they might be aware of what actually constitutes a refurbished laptop (namely, a machine which has either failed the manufacturers standard checks and therefore has to be restored by the manufacturer or a used machine which is restored by an external party to factory settings and standards), many people remain unaware of the many benefits of refurbishment and as a result, they could be losing out on valuable refurbished laptop deals

Refurbished Laptop

Refurbished Laptops

The fact is that thousands of users have found the many advantages to investing in a refurbished laptop:


Depending on the machine you want and the specifications you need, an average laptop, if brought brand new, could end up costing up to £500. This cost can be significantly higher if the laptop in question doesn’t come with an operating system or the purchaser needs additional equipment such as a scanner or printer.  However, such is the scope and range of refurbished laptop deals that many users could see a discount of up to 50% on that price for a machine which can offer them the same specifications, or even better than they might be able to afford from a brand new machine.

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With many people still suffering under the current economic climate but the need for working, high specification technology still just as prevalent, the prospect of a heavily discounted price on a machine which works just as well is a huge advantage for many people.


One of the main factors which prevent people from taking advantage of the many refurbished laptop deals is that they believe, unfoundedly, that the quality will be much lower than if they brought direct from the manufacturer. The fact however is that refurbishments are more often than not carried out to the same high standards that the manufacturer themselves would demand.

There are also instances where some refurbishments, in the case of factory refurbishments are actually carried out by the manufacturer themselves. Because the machine in question failed their rigorous standards the first time, they are sent back onto the production line and given a complete overhaul. The only difference which the user may be aware of is that the serial number and description of the product (not the capabilities) may differ from another machine from the manufacturer.

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There are often instances where certain groups of people, such as students, senior citizens, public sector workers an military personnel are given additional discounts to the existing refurbished laptop deals. For the customer buying the laptop, this of course gives an additional financial bonus when purchasing.


Although this will of course vary from retailer to retailer, and additional warranties are often available for an additional price, many basic warranties, even those from the original manufacturer are often only for one year. However, many refurbished laptops give their new owner additional warranties to cover not only the machine itself but the refurbishments. For the customer, this extended warranty can be the difference between 1 years’ assurance and 3.

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