How To Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Posted on Nov 29 2013 - 1:37pm by Anirudh Sharma

Google AdSense is the easiest solution for making money – for example, if you are a novice blogger and you do not have enough income from sales or from affiliate programs. A huge number of bloggers have great hopes for adsense, but in the end they can expect failure and their reputation becomes unfavourable, they fall into the list of ” banned in adsense.” This problem is most prevalent that we hear from bloggers.

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

In view of these circumstances, Codemink decided to create a post about how to protect and secure your Adsense account, and how to continue to earn. We’ll tell you about certain rules to ensure the security of your account, which you should observe while you blog, so you should not worry too much about the rumors.

Below We’ll list the things needed to study, so as not to get banned from Adsense.

How to Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned ?

  • Never Click on Advertisements on Your Own Page

Get an incredible amount of money by clicking on advertisements on your own same page – what do you expect ? This is the most stupid thing that any blogger can do. Adsense has streamlined tracking algorithms for the requests that come, so that if they find out that, you have clicked on the ad on your page, it’s just over, ban on AdSense.

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

  • Do Not Ask Friends to Click on Your Ad

If you suddenly decide that you can outsmart Google, asking friends to view ads, instead of doing it yourself – think again. Google can easily view the history of queries and find out where the individual user, clicks on an advertisement. So, to detect fraud there is no difficulty for the corporation. This can also lead to getting your Adsense account blacklisted.

  • Do Not Post Adult Content

AdSense in no way endorses the presence of adult content on blogs and websites. You should not be anything like – it’s simple and clear. Try to fill your blog solely to the content that is appropriate for any age category. Adult content is not allowed.

  • Do not Distribute Content That is Protected by Copyright

Never post material on your website, to which you are not the owner. You can spread a certain copyrighted material only if you have written permission from the owner of the content.

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

An example of the different variations of content, which may fall under copyright law:

  1. Various pictures and photos
  2. Videos
  3. Copied from various blogs articles
  4. Apps
  5. Themes and elements of design

Following the rules and not distributing such material, you can save your AdSense account.

  • Do not Distribute Links to Illegal Content

By providing links to sites that are distributing material protected by copyright, which is laid out without the permission of the author, or to sites with adult content, or for gambling sites that have a bad reputation, also increases the risk of a ban on your Adsense account.

Never lay links to other websites and blogs that look suspicious. Always double check the sites, make sure that they are safe, so that you will not have any problems in the future.

  • Do not Spread Viruses on the Site, as well as any other Malicious Software

Always check your blog or website for malware, as it can either be infected or you unknowingly posted a malicious program. Such sites immediately gets blacklisted after the detection.

Malware and viruses can not always be controlled, but if they are detected, they must be removed.
If you have suspicions that your site is infected, immediately turn off the ads in order to avoid being banned from AdSense. You can re-enable ad at any time, as soon you get rid of viruses.

  • Publish the ” Privacy Policy “

Make a page that lists the rules of Privacy Policy on the website, where users can learn how to use Adsense cookie-files and scan the individual data for each user, to choose the best advertising that might interest the end user. This is one of the mandatory requirements of Google, though the specific implications for the absence of such a page are not registered anywhere.

Some visitors may not like the fact that Google uses the history of search queries to select the ads, they might want to turn off this option, so you have to give them that opportunity.

  • Do not Modify the AdSense Code

Never, under any circumstances, change the code given to you – this is a direct violation of the treaty. You may have seen some untwisted sites where ads look quite different. This is because they are a premium service publishers of AdSense, and they have individual opportunities. Use AdSense code in a form in which it was provided to you.

  • Do not Place the Images on your Site Next to an Advertisement

Google AdSense has a rule, which that is if an advertisement is near a specific image on your site, it could lead to manslaughter clicking on advertising because the user will think that advertisement – is just a kind of picture. So, do not place ads next to images. Of course, some sites uses this technique, but it always entails additional risks.

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

Prevent Google AdSense Account From Getting Banned

  • Beware of Bombing Clicks

Try to avoid a ban for wrap counter clicks. There are people who try to click on advertisement a lot of times, thereby creating an artificial cheat. Difficult to explain why some people have pleasure in giving trouble to strangers, but you should keep this fact in mind.

Always check the history of events in the AdSense Analytics, whether there are any inconsistencies in the user activity and number of clicks on advertisements. If you notice something suspicious, promptly report it to Google so that they can reduce the number of clicks and thereby protect advertisers. Friendly lots of clicks and wrap counter is the most common reason for the blocking of AdSense-accounts, and it may not always be the fault of the author’s website.

  • Conclusion

You read a short article about how to keep your adsense account in to security. Following these tips will ensure that your account will never be banned.

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