Nanny Jobs May Be a Great Option for Graduates

Posted on Aug 8 2013 - 6:31pm by parkerben41

It is harder than ever for graduates to find work in the UK. With huge debts over their heads, the long process of gaining great grades is often rewarded with menial jobs in the hospitality industry as employers in almost all other industries continue to demand experience that can seem extremely illusive even to those with the very best grades. Even those seeking internships to help them get this experience by giving up their time and expertise for free are often knocked back, being told that these voluntary roles also require the experience that almost no one will actually offer to graduates.

In turn, many industries are turning into closed shops and even those that aren’t have so many individuals vying for the same role that they can cherry pick those that have been lucky enough to gain experience during their studies. For those with mere academic prowess and proven results on their side, this can lead to many months or even years of frustration and work in industries that simply do not suit their skill set.

As such, many graduates are now looking to gain life experience over work experience, something that may not only help them to strengthen their CV, but something that may also help them to ultimately look further afield in their search for jobs. In turn, international nanny jobs are extremely appealing, allowing one to earn good money whilst seeing more of the world, and having the safety blanket of a family to help them along the way.

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English nannies are often preferred over any other nationality by those in other countries as they will be able to teach children good spoken and indeed written English whilst at the same time carrying out the roles that any other nanny would do. With English being such an important language in the world of international business, many parents in foreign countries wish for their child to have excellent English language skills from an early age, and many will pay extremely well for the privilege. In turn, graduates are even more appealing to many foreign parents as they can be sure that their child is learning from someone with academic prowess as opposed to someone who may not know a pronoun from a popapdom.

For the graduate, nanny jobs abroad offer the chance to learn about other cultures and even learn more about a given subject in different surrounding and in a different context. Graduates may also be able to develop their language skills whilst abroad and in turn apply for jobs relevant to their degree in other countries where experience may not be seen as the most important thing.

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Ultimately though, becoming a nanny in a foreign country will simply offer individuals a chance to earn money without having to work in bars, and to be paid to see the world, not only potentially improving their chances of employment in the industries appropriate to them further down the line but also opening up other possibilities for other careers in countries across the planet.

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