How can You Hide Seen and Is Writing in Facebook Chat

Posted on Nov 30 2013 - 5:41pm by Off Liner

One of the most annoying thing in facebook is that during a Facebook chat conversation other party can see if you are typing or not.
Other than this Facebook also introduced the feature that if you read other part message a “seen” message is delivered to the other party.

Hide Seen and Is Writing

Facebook Updates Android and iOS Messenger, How can You Hide "Seen" and "Is Writing" in Facebook Chat

Basically, when you are chatting with someone, it becomes tough to ignore it. If other party sent you a message and if you read his message then you too have to respond. The reason you have to respond is not let other party think that you are ignoring him or her.
Facebook does not give the option to hide their behavior in chat, but you can use an extension for Google Chrome that prevents others to know if you’re writing, and if you read their messages.

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The extension is Facebook Chat Pro, available for now only on Google Chrome, which is mainly used to receive desktop notifications from Facebook chat.
Notification is the main function of this extension that becomes useful to keep in touch with friends without need to keep Facebook open.

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The best feature of this extension, however, is the ability to prevent friends to see when you view a message sent to them and also hide them when you are writing the message in chat. extension is very simple to use and, once installed, you must click on the button of Facebook Chat Pro, go into Settings (Settings), and then enable the two options that start with “Prevent …”. You can deactivate notifications when you want to, or from the management menu Chrome extensions, turn it off when not in use and turn it back on when needed.

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