An Insight into the Workplace Etiquettes

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An Insight into the Workplace Etiquettes

Getting along with others at workplace and dealing with them is crucial when it comes to your profession. A lot of your growth, experience and success at work place depend on your office etiquettes, which can sometimes be tricky to understand. This article is an effort to make you understand these etiquettes.

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There is no doubt that a major part of your daily time goes working for one or the other organization. Learning workplace manners can make your professional life easier leading you to the path of success. Many times, people who do not understand or follow the office etiquettes communicate in a wrong way or make blunders that can result in an unhealthy professional environment. Thus, how, what and when to speak is a vital part of your work culture.

Tips on Workplace Etiquettes

Proper office etiquettes and good manners are the demand of any big or small organization. Bad manners like slurping coffee in your cubical, being inappropriately dressed up, speaking loudly, or slouching in your chair are simply hurdles in your professional growth. Etiquette in office evolves from time to time. However, there are several things that are common and everlasting in any organization.

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Let’s take a look at some tips on workplace etiquettes:

  • Office Attire

Following the office dress code is one of the major tips on working on office etiquettes. Your outfit speaks volume about your personality, attitude and professionalism. It is always advisable to follow the dress code of your workplace. Wearing flashy cloths, accessories, excessive perfume should be avoided. Remember, it is not your college, but a place where you work!

  • Do not Gossip

There is no harm in indulging in harmless gossip, which at times makes the work environment a healthy place to work and interact with others. However, talking about a person who is not around you is considered disrespectful. Gossiping can also have major negative effect on your professional image.

  • Maintaining Office Decorum

Maintaining the decorum of the place where you work is important. Talking to your colleagues loudly, or on phone is considered as creating mess in the office premises. Maintaining a peaceful surrounding and following ways that do not disturb others is an etiquette that one needs to develop. If it is important to take your personal calls, always use headphones or shut the door of your cabin to avoid disturbing others.

  • Be Punctual

Punctuality is another important work etiquette that should be strictly followed. Employees who are not punctual create a bad image for themselves. Being late for your meetings or appointments is simply a no-no in any company. Apart from this, being late on work also hampers your work, and finally reduces your work productivity for the day. Being on time at your place of work shows your dedication and sincerity for job. An organization always appreciates employees who understand the importance of time management.

  • Respect Co-workers

The basic etiquettes without which you cannot grow in your organization is the respect for the people you work with. Disrespecting others by being rude reduces your chances of staying with the company for long.

  • Respecting Others Personal Space

When discussing office etiquettes, one thing that cannot be avoided is respecting your coworker’s personal space. Never enter the cabin of your coworker without knocking at the door. Frequently popping your head over others cubicle, reading others e-mails, or eavesdropping at others conversation, over the phone or in person are all the examples of bad office etiquettes.

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  • Bathroom Etiquette

Bathroom etiquette is one of the most important things that should be taken care of as your office is a place where several employees share the same bathroom. These etiquettes include throwing away your used toilet papers, wiping up, putting down toilet seat, and hand washing.  Bathroom etiquettes at workplace show how hygiene a person is, and hence is very important to be followed.

  • Avoid Wearing Earplugs at Workplace

Most of the people are in a habit of wearing earplugs while working, may be to avoid any disturbance or listen to music. However, this should be strictly avoided as it puts you under a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign and sends an unfriendly gesture to your colleagues.

  • Avoid Personal Calls During Meetings 

Most of the times, employees do not realize how bad impression it gives when you attend your personal calls during office meetings. It is never recommended to take calls, check e-mails or gossip with other collogues at the time of meeting. Things like these are considered disrespectful or unprofessional.

Your professional life can be like your primary school, where marks are given for maintaining decorum and good behavior. At your workplace, your performance appraisal also includes certain parameters like your target, quality and behavioral competence. With an increase in the realization of the importance of work etiquettes in an organization, more companies consider all these factors at the time of deciding an employee’s career growth.

So, apart from your work productivity, giving due heed to the workplace etiquettes is also crucial for your overall professional growth. Remember, a well-behaved and sincere employee is an asset for the company.

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