5 Tips for Setting Up a Charity Website

Posted on Jun 25 2013 - 5:37pm by Advantage Business Systems

5 Tips for Setting Up a Charity Website

A charity is totally different to a business and so it’s vital that you set up your website in the right way in order to attract potential donors and to provide an informative and supportive space for people who are looking for your help. Read on to learn how to set up a charity website.

Share Your Goals

Most websites include a tagline or a motto of some sort, but this is particularly important for charity websites. Your particular goal needs to be obvious, so display it in a prominent position on the website so that readers know exactly what you’re about as soon as they visit your website. Include variants of your goals in your about us page and explain exactly how you plan to achieve those goals.

charity on web

charity on web

Provide Value for Everyone

There are generally two types of people who use charity websites – people who want to help by making a donation or by volunteering their services, and people who are looking for help in the form of support, information or just a friendly ear. You need to provide value for both of these sets of users, so for donors, set up a page explaining how they can donate, where their money is going to go and provide examples of how previous donations have helped your charity. Thank your donors for their support and update them with the latest news from your charity. As for the people that are coming to your website for help, provide useful and informative articles and links and if you’re able to, set up a forum or message board where people can connect and support one another.

Manage it Properly

Donations, grants, awards and budgets could be fairly tricky to manage if you don’t have something in place to manage that money. It’s important that you implement a money management system so that you can see where the money comes from, how it’s used and what the outcome of the donation is. Tracking your budget enables you to implement better budgeting techniques in the future and it also means that you can show donors exactly how their money is being spent.

Update it Frequently

People who want to help and people who are looking for help both need to have the confidence that you’ll provide the services that you’re advertising. Provide regular updates about your charity, how you’re using donations, what you’re planning to spend donations on in the future and how close you are to completing some of your goals. Photographs are a great way to get the message across, so update the site with photographs of fundraising events or of people who have been helped by your charity. It’s also a good idea to regularly update your website with news from within your particular charitable sector.

Make Donating Quick and Simple

People who want to donate should be able to do so quickly and easily – they shouldn’t have to search for the donation link. Make it easy, safe and secure for them to donate. Paypal is usually a good option as you can easily create donate buttons, although it’s also a good idea to offer a card donation option too in case people don’t have an existing Paypal account. It’s also a good idea to include donation alternatives on your website – for example, if people can give their time or their services, instead of money, let them know exactly how they can help and provide clear contact information for them to get in touch with you.

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