5 cloud applications for a better productivity anywhere

Posted on Aug 17 2013 - 7:34pm by Alan Tay

You don’t get to be very productive everywhere because in different environment, you have different tools.

For instance, if you are very productive using your own computer, you can’t have the same productivity if you just sit on a random computer and start working. You might need certain tools that only your computer have.

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With cloud computing getting more popular these days, you will see that the growth of cloud based applications are getting higher. You can find almost everything or even some abuse the usage of the term ‘cloud based’ just to lure you into listening to their marketing talk.

Since there are so many apps out there, which tool do you really need?

Here I have 5 cloud based applications that can make you stay productive anywhere.

Here is how you stay productive anywhere

1. Evernote. Write your notes now into Evernote and not anywhere else. The reason why is because by putting your notes there, you can access not only from your PC, but also your mobile devices (even offline after synced). This means that even you are somewhere waiting for someone somewhere, you can still check out your notes on your mobile. Last but not least, it is free to start.


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2. Lastpass. The term ‘Last Pass’ here means Last Password for you to remember. It actually means that you are free to store all your passwords into the Lastpass vault where you only need to remember one password to access your vault. This password can be super strong such as 20 characters and mixture of alpha-numeric and special characters because you can forget the rest of your password.


3. Google Docs. Not every computer out there has a Word Processor like Microsoft Word installed but I believe most of the computers out there has web browser installed. If you are out somewhere and needs to edit a document, Google Docs is the best method so far. All you need is to upload your existing document into the Google Docs server and you can edit it on the web browser after that. On top of that, the documents that you had uploaded is stored in Google Drive where you can retrieve it anywhere anytime.

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4. Otixo. Having too many cloud storage and find it frustrating login into each cloud storage to manage? Use Otixo to help you. It is not a free application but you can manage all your cloud storage apps under one roof. This means that you don’t have to login into each cloud storage providers to manage them unless it is necessary.

5. Dropbox. Of all the free cloud storage, I recommended Dropbox simply because it has client application for Windows, Mac and Linux. One of my problem with Google Drive is it does not a Linux based desktop application and that makes me difficult to sync my data to them. As a result, I find Dropbox is good in every platform not to forget that it also supports iPhone/iPad and Android.


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Final Say

I clearly see one benefit of using cloud applications is that you can easily cross platform.

You don’t need to be an expert in Windows, Mac or Linux. You can be the expert for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or even Opera if you want to but that is not necessary.

All you need is to know the basic of web browser navigation and you are good to go and work on any platform.

What other cloud applications that had helped you a lot to stay productive?

Share with us below.

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